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My Highly Sensitive Person Parenting Manifesto

Inspired by the slow moods manifesto http://slowmoodmovement.wordpress.com/manifesto/ After many years away, I am beginning the process of revisiting this blog, starting with my highly sensitive person parenting manifesto. Relearning how to sense is not an easy process. But I can say, that I feel much richer and fulfilled today than ever before. I have learned to … Continue reading

Chapter 6: A Sensory Base Integrated Health Framework for Highly Sensitive Children

Introduction “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates It is clear that without sensory literacy, we will continue to inadvertently disadvantage and hurt some of our most sensitive children. As we discussed in chapter 4, we tend to be unaware of the prevalent sensory toxicity in our western world, while other … Continue reading

Helping my kids to become aware of themselves.

I have been thinking about how much transformation our civilization is going through and how much has changed we have witnessed over the last sixty years, from the fall of many ideological, institutional power and socio-economic systems to the current death of our civilization. Communism, capitalism, socialism etc, all have fallen under the weight of … Continue reading

Coronary Capitalism

Wow, the layers of desillusion our generation is facing are just rising. we really live in a time when people must educate themselves in order to be able to take care of themselves. Free markets have replaced states and instead of respecting human rights they devalue and abuse human and other  life beyond belief. As … Continue reading

About Us | The Urban Farming Guys

Who are we….. We are the urban experiment… We are the seed that died and went into the ground. We are about 20 families who have purposefully uprooted from out of our comfortable suburban homes and moved into one of the worst neighborhoods in Kansas City. We each bought homes within a 5 block radius … Continue reading

Creating a New Generation of Compassionate and Sensitive Men

Creating a New Generation of Compassionate and Sensitive Men By Ted Zeff, Ph.D. As I mentioned in my recent article, “Sensitive Men Can Save the Planet,” most boys are taught from an early age to act tough and repress their emotions. Males who repress their emotions have created a planet on the brink of disaster, … Continue reading

5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive | World of Psychology

5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive By Therese J. Borchard Associate Editor Reblogged from psychcentral.com Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Douglas Eby, M.A./Psychology, who is a writer and researcher on the psychology of creative expression, high ability and personal growth. He is creator of the Talent Development Resources series of sites (including HighlySensitive.org) … Continue reading

Living Consciously Vs Reactionary Living

Living Consciously Vs Reactionary Living by Amit Sodha on July 14, 2011 When you live in a busy city, things tend to happen very fast. Whether you cause them to happen, or whether they happen to you, either way, time becomes a precious commodity. Because there is always so much going on along with the … Continue reading

» How I Changed My Life, In Four Lines :zenhabits

The Nutshell Principles So what are the principles that changed my life, repeatedly? If you read the brief stories above, you already know: 1. Start very small. 2. Do only one change at a time. 3. Be present and enjoy the activity (don’t focus on results). 4. Be grateful for every step you take. In … Continue reading

Saturday: Solidarity Protests to Sweep Across World | AlterNet

Sensitive people uniting world wide… wow! “French economist Thomas Coutrot, co-head of the ATTAC movement seeking alternatives to market-ruled policies, said the indignant movement had a healthy “allergy” to being represented by any person or group.” via Saturday: Solidarity Protests to Sweep Across World | AlterNet.