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My Highly Sensitive Person Parenting Manifesto

Inspired by the slow moods manifesto http://slowmoodmovement.wordpress.com/manifesto/ After many years away, I am beginning the process of revisiting this blog, starting with my highly sensitive person parenting manifesto. Relearning how to sense is not an easy process. But I can say, that I feel much richer and fulfilled today than ever before. I have learned to … Continue reading

The highly sensitive family, how to thive in a toxic world

Sabbatical Report, Alexandra Bal It has been a while since I have written anything in this blog. This is in big part due to the fact that I have been on sabbatical, withdrawing from daily activities to focus on my research. Ahead of the sabbatical, I conducted the first round of interviews for the SHHRC … Continue reading

The highly Sensitive Family Manifesto

Adapted from the slow moods manifesto (http://slowmoodmovement.wordpress.com/manifesto/) My aim is to cultivate in me and by osmoses in my children a new idea and a new practice of selfhood which includes sensorial, mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health. My kids learn by observing my actions, not by listening to my worlds. I must show … Continue reading

Holistic Health as a Form of Communication

I remember my grandmother using homeopathy remedies and natural remedies to help us when we were sick. But as an adult, my personal journey in holistic medicine began when my first son was born. That child was born extremely sensitive to my breast milk and we quickly had to change our diet to keep him … Continue reading

the autist as a spiritual artist

Artists/Autist minds I just came across this very insightful blog entry: Transforming the Obligatory into the Desirable: Autism & Shamanism (Perceptual Warfare 18) By jasunhorusly January 15, 2013  which is helping me solidify some of my thoughts on sensory intelligence. It echoes some of the thoughts I expressed in a presentation I recently made at work: … Continue reading

Becoming mindful of our children’s hypersensitive senses

As a child, I developed very negative coping strategies for our sensory and emotional sensitivities. But as adults, I am beginning to grasp the importance of becoming sense aware and learning to listen differently. I remember this episode with my mom. We were on vacation and I had to go to camp. I did not … Continue reading

A sensorial universal language?

It just occurred to me that sensorial intelligence could be the universal language Chomsky discussed. I have for years been opposed to the idea of a universal language, my opposition stemming from an understanding of language as existing within the mental structures of thoughts, informed by culture. From this lens, the idea of a universal … Continue reading

Our values are changing

Only 3 years between Aimee’s Mulleins call to creative thinking about prosthetics as helping build super humans. and this design of prosthetic…. The designer has become a curator of human experiences…… What a wonderful example of how quickly a new media transform itself into an emerging media…..And of the switch from pathologic thinking of difference … Continue reading

Getting to love nothing special moments

Back to the city, means back to my qigong meditation. Reacquainting myself with the routines by listening to my audio course, I came across this passage. According to Ken Cohen, quoting Paul B. Gallagher, qigong mastery consists of four stages: “ The first stage is the great expert, after you have practices qigong for a … Continue reading

Helping my kids to become aware of themselves.

I have been thinking about how much transformation our civilization is going through and how much has changed we have witnessed over the last sixty years, from the fall of many ideological, institutional power and socio-economic systems to the current death of our civilization. Communism, capitalism, socialism etc, all have fallen under the weight of … Continue reading