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Making Sense of a Toxic Life

As the first part of our experiment in Nicaragua is coming to an end, I am noticing many changes in us. The boys are much calmer these days. We have come very far the three of us. This experience is by far the hardest we are going through together but also the most rewarding, we … Continue reading


Harmonic Interference Theory represents a major breakthrough in our understanding of music and perception. Developed from a moment of insight thirty years earlier, this theory explains how harmonics combine to form the same geometrical patterns in both sound and the human anatomy, triggering emotions according to phase alignment.Based on this theory, the historical record suggests … Continue reading

Oral health: Overview of taste perception – Dental Hygiene – Helium

Oral health: Overview of taste perception Top Article All Articles 1 of 1 by Dr Pandula Siribaddana Created on: December 06, 2009 What is taste perception? Taste is a perception which will be the end result of chemical sensations via Oral health: Overview of taste perception – Dental Hygiene – Helium.

Oral Sensitivities

Oral Sensitivities: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment article from: http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/oral-sensitivities.html When talking about children with SPD, we refer to two different types of oral sensitivities… hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity. As you may have already seen from the Sensory Processing Disorders Checklist, children with oral hypersensitivities – also called oral defensiveness – will exhibit many, or all, … Continue reading