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Spiritual Healing Modalities

As we discussed in chapter 2 and chapter 3, quantum scientists are slowly demonstrating that energy drives the universe (Pagels, 2012)[i]. It is a puzzling element, although it can be measured and quantified, but scientists have no real idea of what it actually is. Yet, physics find that energy is the most fundamental property of … Continue reading

Ecology and Addiction: Consumer Culture and Environmental Degradation. (Perma)Culture and Sanity.

“A Common Thread of Distraction Even a casual inspection of the major problems of our day—ecological collapse, societal breakdown, rising rates of depression and widespread disenchantment on a personal level—leaves us with the miasmic feeling that we will be smothered by an overwhelming, seemingly-disconnected mass of festering problems. At the same time, a closer look … Continue reading

The highly Sensitive Family Manifesto

Adapted from the slow moods manifesto (http://slowmoodmovement.wordpress.com/manifesto/) My aim is to cultivate in me and by osmoses in my children a new idea and a new practice of selfhood which includes sensorial, mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health. My kids learn by observing my actions, not by listening to my worlds. I must show … Continue reading

High Fat Food Addictive Like Cocaine (via Eco Child’s Play)

High Fat Food Addictive Like Cocaine (via Eco Child’s Play) What we feed our children now will affect them their whole lives.  Raw and whole foods provide necessary nutrients for brain and physical development, as well as emotional well-being. Recently, research has found high fat food actually alters our brains resulting in addiction similar to … Continue reading

News: Some Kids with Autism May Suffer from Cyber Addiction | Healing Thresholds

reblogged: News: Some Kids with Autism May Suffer from Cyber Addiction | Healing Thresholds. News: Some Kids with Autism May Suffer from Cyber Addiction Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012 – 10:00 iPads and video interaction has provided a means for children with autism to communicate; it may also have provided addictive behavior. Christopher Mulligan founded … Continue reading

Sugar Addiction

The Hidden Dangers of Sugar Addiction (Relogged) The Hidden Dangers of Sugar Addiction What is the most common addiction in our society today?  Well you may be surprised to learn that it is sugar addiction.  That’s right, those pretty white crystals sitting on most people’s kitchen table.   The average American consumes 32 teaspoons of sugar … Continue reading

Food Addiction, Food Allergy and Overweight

Food Addiction, Food Allergy and Overweight (Reblogged) By Sephen Levine, Ph. D. Have you ever eaten something – a bowl of ice cream, a piece of cheese, an orange – and felt hungrier than before? Do you have urges for a particular food and find it hard to satisfy your craving unless you eat that … Continue reading

How to Break Your Addiction to a Person – Beyond Blue

How to Break Your Addiction to a Person posted by Beyond Blue | 7:00am Friday October 21, 2011 In his book, “How to Break Your Addiction to a Person,” Howard Halpern first explains what an addictive relationship is, then gives guidelines for recognizing if you’re involved in one. Then, he offers several techniques on how … Continue reading

Gifted, Talented, Addicted

Gifted, Talented, Addicted by Douglas Eby Writer Pearl Buck commented, “The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.” Winner of a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938, she also added, “By some strange, unknown, inward urgency they are not really alive unless they are … Continue reading

Addicted to Your Thoughts: You CAN Quit the Habit

Addicted to Your Thoughts: You CAN Quit the Habit by Ane Axford on December 28, 2009 I wrote a post about insomnia as it relates to HSPs and how it is different than the “typical” diagnosis of insomnia. Well, one of the things that keeps HSPs up at night is an addiction to their thoughts. … Continue reading