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The gentle power of highly sensitive people | Elena Herdieckerhoff | TEDxIHEParis

Lovely presentation that explains HSP very well.

Machine Sentience?

My contribution to the new media program panel discussion at ISEA 2020 – https://isea2020.isea-international.org/isea2020-online-program/

Sentience as The Antidote to Our Frenzied Mediated Selves

This is my first academic presentation of the research that emerged from this blog. This video the presentation for an article of the same name. This was presented at the 2020 International Society of Electronic Art Conference in Montreal https://isea2020.org/

My Highly Sensitive Person Parenting Manifesto

Inspired by the slow moods manifesto http://slowmoodmovement.wordpress.com/manifesto/ After many years away, I am beginning the process of revisiting this blog, starting with my highly sensitive person parenting manifesto. Relearning how to sense is not an easy process. But I can say, that I feel much richer and fulfilled today than ever before. I have learned to … Continue reading

Short-Term Sensory Crisis Management

Short-Term Sensory Crisis Management Over the years I have come up with my own protocol to deal with my children’s sensory health crisis. I have learned that my children need to learn their own symptoms and know what they mean in order to not be misdiagnosed by doctors  There are many strategies I use in … Continue reading

Finding our Highly Sensitive Voice: Building Sensory Literacy

Deep listening to highly sensitive children allowed me to deal with life from their perspective and to become their advocate. This process is important, as we model for them how to communicate their specific needs, they will develop the vocabulary to built their own voice and eventually advocate for their own needs. Building sensory literary … Continue reading



Deep Listening: Connecting to the Senses and Emotions

Deep Listening: Connecting to the Senses and Emotions Professor David Popenoe, of Rutgers University[i], argues that one of the biggest observations of the last few decades is the deterioration in the bond between parents and children. He strongly emphasizes that the absence, emotional distance or preoccupation of parents strikes at the very heart of those … Continue reading

Sensory Environmental Diet

According to scent chemist Steve Pearce[i], the sense of smell is by far the most powerful of all our senses, yet it is also our most underrated sense. Smell is the only one of our senses directly hard-wired to our brains. As such, it is the direct extension of the brain. Its direct contact means … Continue reading