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Sensitive children have different reactions and symptoms

Every time my children have a new ailments, the symptoms they show are not the ones normally reported. This is a very  important aspect of sensitives as they are very often misdiagnosed and cared for with the wrong treatments. The problem is that each time this happens, a potential trauma is created for the child.

I am slowly learning that my children need to learn their own symptoms and know what they mean as doctors always assume that something other they what affects them is affecting them.

For instance:

I never bled during child birth which confused my doula to no end…

One of my children does not swell nor bruise. he broke his leg and by simple eye and touch exam a qualified doctor missed his fracture. He knew but as parents we assumed the doctor was right, until the next morning when we realized something much more severe was going on.

My other son has mild allergic skin reactions to so many things such as all insect bites that can turn into severe rashes within a couple of days and become impetigo…. which makes it difficult to find out what is really the matter…. A big clue is behavior and mood, I now know, nut not always process, that bad mood means he feels really  bad….. and I must investigate…..

Antibiotics kill his immune system and he then becomes sensitive to everything until we manage to rebuild his immune system. And when I say sensitive I mean SENSITIVE moods, digestion, social sensing, physical touch, hearing, all the senses are on higher alert and everything gets amplified. This poor kid has days that are very hard to manage.

First line of attach these days :

1- gentle bath detox (Epson salts + Sea salts have become a must), attempting seaweed now as well)
2- Homeopathic treatment for allergies (apis and/or  ledum )
3- Rebuild the gut : v-enzimes + non dairy probiotic intake until the immune system stabilize.
4- Diet detox + exercise
5- Social detox (reduce social life)
6- Sensory detox (go in a forest)
7- Media detox: use the ipad to calm down.


after that we can see what the actual symptoms are when sensitivities are reduced…..

I still do not know how to listen to my kids enough as they know what they have and what they need…. but do not yet know how to express these things….. But I am learning…. I hope…. But more importantly they are…. as they will have to manage these conditions as they grow older….. As they learn to listen to their bodies and express what is going on,I assume  it will get easier.



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