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Reblogged: People Can Draw Energy From Other People The Same Way Plants Do

Excerpt from: http://clearmindz.blogspot.ca/2014/08/people-can-draw-energy-from-other.html A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much … Continue reading

Inputs: The Hidden Dimensions of a Sensitive Sensory Life

Beginning to discuss highly sensitive children health means understanding what a heightened sensory or other kinds of heightened experiences are and how they influence how a child perceives the world. Given the spatial embodied knowledge is vital to the experiences of highly sensitive people, we will begin by examining the nature of space at a … Continue reading

Becoming mindful of our children’s hypersensitive senses

As a child, I developed very negative coping strategies for our sensory and emotional sensitivities. But as adults, I am beginning to grasp the importance of becoming sense aware and learning to listen differently. I remember this episode with my mom. We were on vacation and I had to go to camp. I did not … Continue reading

Our High Sensitivity: Both A Gift and Vulnerability to Anxiety

Reblogged article Our High Sensitivity: Both A Gift and Vulnerability to Anxiety by Douglas Eby   Source: Rutgers Along with the many benefits of our high sensitivity trait, we may also be especially susceptible to anxiety. One aspect of a highly sensitive nervous system can be a strong startle response, as noted in an item … Continue reading

Intuitive children « Raising a Sensitive Child

Reblogged from: Intuitive children « Raising a Sensitive Child. Another awesome post from Janice. Intuitive children Sensitive children are often highly intuitive. Some use the terminology indigo or crystal children, which refer to the colour of indigo children’s energetic field, and the crystalline vibration of crystal children. Characteristics of crystal children here. They are highly sensitive … Continue reading

Recharge Your Energy

Recharge Your Energy By Jenna Avery, CLC, Life Coach for Sensitive Souls As a sensitive soul, good energy-management skills are a must. This means tuning in to yourself on a regular basis and continually reassessing and adjusting what you take on. It’s a real balancing act. And sometimes, despite your best intentions, your energy gets … Continue reading