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It pays to have an eye for emotions — ScienceDaily

Attending to and caring about the emotions of employees and colleagues – that’s for wimps, not for tough businesspeople and efficient performers, right? Wrong! An extensive international study has now shown: The “ability to recognize emotions” affects income. via It pays to have an eye for emotions — ScienceDaily.


Negative Relations Between Pacifier Use and Emotional Competence

Negative Consequences of Pacifier Use on Emotional Intelligence Facial mimicry – recognising and copying outward displays of emotion – plays a key role in the development of emotional understanding. Can a pacifier, which disrupts facial mimicry  by covering the child’s mouth, compromise this delicate process? New research from Basic and Applied Social Psychology shows young … Continue reading

Part 4: Intensity as a pathway to personal change

Making sense of environmental toxics The denaturalization our environments has serious consequences to our entire body, mind and spirituality which originally formed out of our communion with nature. Adding sensorial settings to the realm of influence, it becomes evident that environments can be very toxic to humans.  Why wouldn’t our young be influenced by changes in … Continue reading

Part 1: Multi Sensory Intelligence

These sensory abilities are not disabilities Current research is starting to understand that many “disabilities” are special abilities or different ways of perceiving the world, not defects. Finally, an approach that helps to reduce the labeling of children which is often damaging to their self-esteem, and instead work on developing their gifts. It is clear that … Continue reading



Culture is education ( from a Nicaraguan graffiti)

After a stormy month we are finally beginning to listen deeply to each others. I have had to remind myself that trust building takes time, and just like with my university students, we have hit the magical three months mark. The kids are no longer afraid of talking to me and are becoming more honest … Continue reading

Lemelson Center’s Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse

Lemelson Center’s Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse.]