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Eastern Medicine: An Embodied Animist Model of Health

In Ayurveda, one of the most ancient healing systems in the world, dated at approximately 6th century BC, illnesses are considered to be psycho-somatic in nature. Key to this indian belief system is the idea that lifestyle influences the mind and triggers positive or negative reaction in the body. Similarly, ancient Chinese traditional medicine, Induism, … Continue reading


Digital Librarian: American Indian Studies

Digital Librarian: a librarian’s choice of the best of the Web via Digital Librarian: American Indian Studies.  

Vitamin D may increase IVF success – for some people – 05 September 2012 – New Scientist

Read more: Click here to read a longer version of this story A WOMAN’S genetic heritage may determine whether vitamin D helps her to conceive through IVF. The sunshine vitamin is known for its benefit to bone health, but it may also play a role in conception. In 2010, a study of mainly white women … Continue reading

Chemical BPA Linked to Obesity in Children: Scientific American

Excerpt from: Chemical BPA Linked to Obesity in Children: Scientific American. Chemical BPA Linked to Obesity in Children White children exposed to high levels of bisphenol A are five times more likely to be obese than peers with low levels of the chemical, according to new research By Brian Bienkowski and Environmental Health News   … Continue reading