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Articles about teaching and raising visual-spatial learners

Downloadable Articles for and About Visual-Spatial Learners The following articles are available for you to download at no charge. If you have difficulty opening any of the PDF documents, please right click on the link and save to your hard drive. You are welcome to reprint any of these in your newsletter or other communication, … Continue reading


Chickpea Soup game

Chickpea Soup game.

Inspired Parenting Magazine

Article reblogged from : Inspired Parenting Magazine. Upside Down Brilliance – Strategies for Teaching Visual-Spatial Learners by Linda Kreger-Silverman, Ph.D. STUDENTS WHO LEARN HOLISTICALLY rather than in a step-by-step fashion are now being identified as visual-spatial learners (Silverman, 2002). These students find it far easier to apprehend complex patterns of relationships than to memorize unrelated … Continue reading

BrainPOP | Blogs

BrainPOP | Blogs. A useful video to explain principles of blogs to kids visually.

Lemelson Center’s Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse

Lemelson Center’s Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse.]

Eye Exercises to Improve Learning and Visual Attention

Improve your Visual Information Process Skills: Perception, Tracking, Focusing, and Eye Teaming via Eye Exercises to Improve Learning and Visual Attention.

Helping Visual Learners Succeed | Education.com

Helping Visual Learners Succeed Print Collect It! Email Twitter Helping Visual Learners Succeed Related Articles Helping Auditory Learners Succeed Helping Kinesthetic Learners Succeed Helping Your Child Succeed in School: Resource List Helping Your Child Succeed in School: Ages 5 to 7 Helping Your Child Succeed in School: The Basics What It Means to Be a … Continue reading

Learning Activities for Visual Learners

Learning Activities for Visual Learners Posted by Robin Petterd on 9 February 2009 Recently, I’ve see some learning designers who are 100% word people have trouble grasping what means to be a visual learner. Often when we think about visual learners, we think: “Oh, they will need pictures and diagrams.” This is a good start … Continue reading

The Visual Spatial Learner

What is a Visual-Spatial Learner? A visual-spatial learner is a student who learns holistically rather than in a step-by-step fashion. Visual imagery plays an important role in the student’s learning process. Because the individual is processing primarily in pictures rather than words, ideas are interconnected (imagine a web). Linear sequential thinking — the norm in … Continue reading