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Creating a New Generation of Compassionate and Sensitive Men

Creating a New Generation of Compassionate and Sensitive Men

By Ted Zeff, Ph.D.

As I mentioned in my recent article, “Sensitive Men Can Save the Planet,” most boys are taught from an early age to act tough and repress their emotions. Males who repress their emotions have created a planet on the brink of disaster, since most male world leaders behave in a bellicose and combative manner rather than exhibiting compassionate and cooperative behavior. We are at a turning point for the planet in which our male political leaders can either continue acting in an insensitive, belligerent manner, risking the destruction of humanity, or choose a new, collaborative, understanding approach to foreign, economic, and environmental policy.

How can ordinary people save the planet from further human and environmental destruction? I believe that one important way to stop the current political and corporate destruction of our planet is through mentoring young men ,who will become the future leaders of the world, to become compassionate and loving to all human beings and Mother Earth. For fathers, uncles, grandfathers, teachers, coaches or any man who wants to help boys become compassionate and sensitive human beings, the time is now to create a new vision for world peace. (Please note that when I mention in this article your boy, it encompasses any adult-child relationship).

via Creating a New Generation of Compassionate and Sensitive Men.


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