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Chapter 5: Conclusion

Conclusion: The Need For A framework to Decolonize the Senses Whereas Ancient health wisdoms understood that our senses and space are central to our well being, modern cultures have colonized space and the senses, and led us to forget their importance. In the process we lost access to the wisdoms and knowledge of the past … Continue reading

Disembodied Electronic Spaces

Disembodied Electronic Spaces Discussing electronic technology in a book about the senses may seem counter-intuitive. However, today’s urban children are immersed in media that are altering their relationship to space in ways our species has never encountered before. A new spatial dimension has been introduced by our modern times. Electronic technologies have altered the nature … Continue reading

HealthyStuff.org | Researching Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products

For the first time the Ann Arbor-based Ecology Center teamed up with technology gurus at ifixit.com to research toxic chemicals in 36 different cell phones, including the recently released iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The results were released today at http://www.HealthyStuff.org and http://www.ifixit.com. via HealthyStuff.org | Researching Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products.