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Homeopathy: An Introduction

Homeopathy: An Introduction. An Introduction to Homeopathy by Frederik Schroyens, M.D. translated by Joan Bielunas edited by Karl Robinson, M.D. Basic facts of unitary homeopathy The founder of homeopathy was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Based on his observations, he formulated the so-called PRINCIPLE OF SIMILARITY, which states that a given substance can cure in a … Continue reading

Commonly Recommended Remedies for Anxiety

Reblogged article:  Commonly Recommended Remedies for Anxiety. Commonly Recommended Remedies for Anxiety Precautions about this information… Retrace past trauma – This is a list of six homeopathic remedies that are often indicated for anxiety.  You may choose to use this information to self-prescribe – although my advice to you is that if you suffer from … Continue reading

Homeopathy for Highly Sensitive People

Homeopathy for Highly Sensitive People by Ronald Steriti, NMD, PhD Some people are very sensitive. Such people often have to take care to make certain that their environment is calm. Unpleasant circumstances can often have a disruptive effect that lasts for hours or days. Other people often do not understand the extent of their sensitivity. … Continue reading

The Medicine Garden – Homeopathic Aggravations

Homeopathic Aggravations Copyright Debra LeRoy B.Sc. DIHom FBIH., 2007 All Rights Reserved Different Types of Aggravations In Homeopathy, there are several kinds of aggravations that one may hear about. The list includes: homeopathic aggravations, modality aggravations (also ameliorations), medicinal aggravations, and disease aggravations. According to the dictionary, the verb aggravate is defined thusly “1. to … Continue reading

Homoeopathic Posology

Lectures and Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy By Dr Stuart M. CLOSE, Presented by Médi-T Chapter XIII, Homœopathic Posology via: http://homeoint.org/books4/close/chapter13.htm By posology (from the Greek, posos, how much) we mean the science or doctrine of dosage. Small doses and homœopathy are commonly regarded as synonymous terms. If they who have such an idea of it … Continue reading

ABC Homeopathy

ABC Homeopathy lists remedies and what they are for. You can also find remedies for specific symptoms.