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Culture is education ( from a Nicaraguan graffiti)

After a stormy month we are finally beginning to listen deeply to each others. I have had to remind myself that trust building takes time, and just like with my university students, we have hit the magical three months mark. The kids are no longer afraid of talking to me and are becoming more honest … Continue reading

Empathy requires self-awareness

My kids have been very explosive for the last month.  I was at first taken back, as they usually do not have tantrums.  However as I started to thinking through these explosions, I came to realize how they result from communication issues and that for them, the tantrum is the last resort in making me … Continue reading

The ‘Parent Within’ and its role in Recovery from Abuse.

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I agree that learning to listen is difficult but for a HSP, this deep Listening can become very painful when people around all are responding to very high level of stress. Often, the first layer people expose is raw anxiety…. And if one does not know how to create a boundary that deintensify negative emotions … Continue reading

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Parent-Delivered Autism Treatment for Children

Parent-Delivered Autism Treatment for Children.

Focus ebook» table of contents

» table of contents  for focus.   focus : s table of contents i. step back introduction the age of distraction the importance of finding focus the beauty of disconnection focus rituals ii. clear distractions limiting the stream you don’t need to respond let go of the need to stay updated how not to live … Continue reading

Habits That Make A Lot Of Zense

reblog of article: Habits That Make A Lot Of Zense. by Amit Sodha on November 15, 2011 in Personal Growth Habits add up to give us the results of our day to day lives. The continuation of old habits can only lead to the same results over and over. Unless you find a way to … Continue reading

5 Secrets to Transform Your Life Instantly

Reblogged article: 5 Secrets to Transform Your Life Instantly. By Michaiel Bovenes Learning how to change can be difficult. Then, there are times when we learn a foundamental truth that’s an “ah-ha” experience and we are forever changed. We change the way we view ourselves and the world. In my 25 years of pursuing personal … Continue reading