Our Extreme sensitivities are not disabilities
CG 1988

This blog is an aggregate of what I am reading on the web in order to help my highly sensitive family to thrive.  I am re-blogging many articles, not to take credit for them but as a means to have within one virtual space access to the many areas involved in understanding how to raise highly sensitive children and how to heal as a highly sensitive adult.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical or psychological professional. THIS IS NOT MEDICAL NOR MENTAL HEALTH ADVICE, these are my personal opinions as to what worked for our family.

The suggestions on this website do not substitute for actual medical advice. It is simply our journey and what worked for my family. Please consult a professional for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your child.

I hope this data can be useful  other parents and children who are discovering their sensory gifts in the same way we are. I am a highly sensitive person, so is my ex-husband. We discovered this through living with our two boys who, of course, are also highly sensitives… and so are our cats. As a family we have had to relearn how to live in order to keep our children sane. Over the last 8 years I feel that I have learned to rebuild our lives with new foods, new ways of communicating, new ways of listening to each other and our children and new ways of understanding life and what is important when one is highly sensitive. We are also a family of whisperers, we all have a deep connection to animals,  I also have one with children and plants.

To the outsiders I am diagnosed as an Asperger and my ex-husband as an ADHD person. But the more I am learning about HSP and the more I realize that we are all HSP  but with different extreme sensitivities. He is sensitive to sound/tastes and me to social/environmentals/food inputs. Our kids reflect these differences in sensitivities in their own specific combinations. As we are getting healthier, the “symptoms” of the diagnoses are disappearing as we are learning to respect and be responsive to our specific sensitivities.

Slowly, as I nourish my own sensitivities, instead of trying to “overcome them”, I am starting to experience the world very differently. In the process, I am starting to understand that sensitives  can help move our civilization into a sustainable future based on empathic living and into becoming  part of the whole earth’s ecosystem.

When I began this journey, I had not idea of where this would take us, and at the time, and still today, it was very difficult to find relevant information and help when dealing with how to ease symptoms caused by high level of toxicity,  how to help a child (or adult) heal when traditional medicine is not an option, understanding the codes of sensory languages, helping children understand the visions they have, helping them understand that their moods are tied to food sensitivities and reaction, helping them to filter the negative energies and absorb the positives, sensing the magnetic and other energy fields and learning to use them.

I have decided not to ignore or “cure” our sensitivity but to celebrate them and to help my children develop this incredible qualities to their fullest. Over the years I have discovered how to treat small ailments and are now in the process of beginning to de-learn everything we have been taught. From emotional, empathy, social, chemical, sensorial, physical, intellectual ways of being. We know the future of our children depends on this and that in order to help them become healthy active participants in the world, we need them to guide this process. So, the first step for me was to learn how to deeply listen and to act from that place of deep understanding and empathy. In this process we will all, hopefully, become closer to becoming the highly sensitive souls we are meant to be.

My children think ten times faster then I do in all dimensions, time, space, mental, sensorial, etc. I can not teach them my ways but can share with them insights into how to develop strategies to move further.

This blog is dedicated to other highly sensitive families and children. It houses the research I do to help my children. I will post here all kinds of material related to sensory integration but also science, nutrition, health, learning, etc. It is clear to me that my children, like many of their generations,  need to be able to advance into a future we can not imagine. I am convinced that sensitive people can sense other dimensions, up to the sixth if not all. In order to be able to evolve and enter these dimensions sanely and healthily, we as their elders must prepare them to exist with an open mind and an open heart. I know my kids, like most kids I know, are deep thinkers whose nature we must preserve and nurture. They are not beast to be tamed but each a unique soul full of potential.

As our civilization begins its transition into a new era, these children are the ones who will rebuild our societies. We have the responsibility to help them on this journey and to help them acquire the tools they need to do so, even if we do not understand their significance at the time.

I  hope this will be useful to others who are going through a similar process, having decided to rebuild and move forward trying to create sustainable lives both physically, mentally, environmentally, socially and economically, instead of destroying what makes them and their children unique.

This blog contains posts as well as re-blogged of the many articles I read to become a better parent and individual. If you are interested here are posts related to our own journey.

If you do not know about highly sensitive people, you may want to start with the starting points section of this site, where I try to give a coherent explanation of HSP.

And if no one reads this, it will become a historical site for my children to get an insight into our lives as they grow up….



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