Book (draft)


  • What is Heightened Sensory Processing?
  • Our own story
  • What does it mean to be highly sensitive?
  • Nurturing Sensitivities
  • DIY HSP Well-Being
  • Digital Native Learning
  • Letting go of Cultural Fear
  • Changing our Sensory Context
  • The highly sensitive family: how to thrive in a toxic world

Part 1: Cultural and Historical Contexts

Chapter 1: A Sensorial Being Struggling in a Disembodied Culture (draft)

Chapter 2: The aesthetics of Space (draft)

Chapter 3: Sensory Abilities are Not Disabilities

Part 2: HSC Health Issues

Chapter 4: Making Sense of a Toxic World

Chapter 5: In Search of a Sensory Health Model

Chapter 6: A Sensory Base Integrated Health Framework for Highly Sensitive Children

Chapter 7: 21st Century Sensory Life Diet




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