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My Highly Sensitive Person Parenting Manifesto

Inspired by the slow moods manifesto http://slowmoodmovement.wordpress.com/manifesto/ After many years away, I am beginning the process of revisiting this blog, starting with my highly sensitive person parenting manifesto. Relearning how to sense is not an easy process. But I can say, that I feel much richer and fulfilled today than ever before. I have learned to … Continue reading


Getting to love nothing special moments

Back to the city, means back to my qigong meditation. Reacquainting myself with the routines by listening to my audio course, I came across this passage. According to Ken Cohen, quoting Paul B. Gallagher, qigong mastery consists of four stages: “ The first stage is the great expert, after you have practices qigong for a … Continue reading

Seeing Through the Mist

Making Sense of a Toxic Life

As the first part of our experiment in Nicaragua is coming to an end, I am noticing many changes in us. The boys are much calmer these days. We have come very far the three of us. This experience is by far the hardest we are going through together but also the most rewarding, we … Continue reading

» Toltec Wisdom for Spiritual Warriors | based in the Four Agreements | Common Sense Tools for Change

The Search For RealityPosted by Gary on Nov 2nd, 2010 “The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings, for it destroys the world in which you live.” Nisargadatta MaharajI would say to this that the “world in which you live” is a reference to the belief system of our mind. It is … Continue reading

Ishtar’s Gate: Our Mission Statement

Reblogged from: http://www.ishtarsgate.com/forum/showthread.php?2077-Our-Mission-Statement It’s been clear to many of us for some time that the story we’ve been given about who we are and where we come from is just a finely honed narrative which doesn’t actually tally with the evidence of our own experience. Through Darwinism, we were taught that intelligence, along with its … Continue reading

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted? Soul Loss and Recovery

by ANNIE DIEU-LE-VEUT I think Jimmy Ruffin had a point.  For thousands of years, shamanism has been pushed underground and, with it, a very important role which the shaman used to perform: retrieving lost souls. This is why we live in a world today of half-zombies, the dispossessed and the preta or ‘hungry ghosts’. As…


Articles via Shamanism. Shamanism is perhaps the most ancient form of religion or spirituality. I have read widely in the available literature and trained as a shamanic therapist with Michael Harner. I find shamanism to be one of the most useful analogies for understanding the psychotherapeutic relationship, the deep connection that lovers experience, and many … Continue reading

What if?

I just finished reading an article by Jeff Warren in the new Scientist issue of Dec. 24th that is confirming some of my thinking in relation to HPS and embodied thinking. Embodied thinking is a term that encompasses both cognition and sensorial intelligence. Scientists now know that whales and dolphins have advanced sensorial abilities. Their … Continue reading

Intuitive children « Raising a Sensitive Child

Reblogged from: Intuitive children « Raising a Sensitive Child. Another awesome post from Janice. Intuitive children Sensitive children are often highly intuitive. Some use the terminology indigo or crystal children, which refer to the colour of indigo children’s energetic field, and the crystalline vibration of crystal children. Characteristics of crystal children here. They are highly sensitive … Continue reading