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Breathing Techniques to Relax Your Child: Relieve Anxiety, Behavior Problems, Sleeplessness

Reblogged from: Breathing Techniques to Relax Your Child by Patti Teel By Terri Mauro, About.com Guide “Breathing Techniques to Relax Your Child” [The following is adapted by Patti Teel from her book The Floppy Sleep Game Book: A Proven 4-Week Plan to Get Your Child to Sleep (copyright © 2005 by Patti Teel; 0-399-53200-5).] Breathing … Continue reading

Belly breathing story can help kids learn techniques for stress

Excerpts from: Marietta, GA September 13, 2012 Easy breathing encourages your child to slow down, relax, and fall asleep peacefully. This type of belly breathing is when air enters the lungs and the belly expands. According to Wikipedia to breathe with the diaphragm, one must draw air into the lungs in a way which will … Continue reading