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Saying goodbye hsp style

My uncle Frank left us yesterday. I felt it as a fleeting though. Soft and gentle, like he was, just a gentle breeze in my soul.

I am glad I have learned to listen to the quiet thoughts of my mind. They are my empathy. This one allowed me to say goodbye as he began the rest of his journey. My dad called me tonight and confirmed his departure.

Moments like these make me glad to be a hsp. To have this deep connection to the flow of life and now that I am not afraid if it, to feel it as a gentle wind that informs me without overwhelming me. I am beginning to understand that learning to listen deeply and with an open heart allows me to feel the pains as I feel the joys. Deeply, connected and whole.

Being able to say goodbye like this made his death just a moment in time, not a forever farewell. The sorrow is replaced with joy for him as he no longer is suffering. I know we will cross paths again, somewhere in this ever expending universe of flows and love that feels sometimes like a caress and at other times like a sting. The curse of empathy is also such a blessing. I would not change this for anything in the world.



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