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Healing Highly Sensitive Body (re-blogged)

What is the Highly Sensitive Body?

Psychological aspect of the Highly Sensitive Person has been well studied. However, physiological aspect of this trait has not been mentioned and yet discussed. What are their common health concerns? Is there any special need for this group of people when they get sick? The following discussion is trying to address how to help the common health concerns for the Highly Sensitive Person.

To further study the physiological aspect of the Highly Sensitive Person, a new term, Highly Sensitive Body (HSB) is being introduced here. Highly Sensitive Body is a model system to study physiological changes of the Highly Sensitive Person and the unique health concerns for the special population. There is clearly a physiological correlation between the Highly Sensitive Person and the health concerns they may have. We specialize in dealing with the Highly Sensitive Body and provide special help for the Highly Sensitive Person with a Highly Sensitive Body.

After industrial revolution especially after the War World II, more and more environmental toxins from petroleum product have showed up. In the meantime, our society has become a money-driven, over-worked, over-stimulated, stressful society. The toxin and stress eventually pushed our body into a situation that many doctors have never seen in human history. The high toxin accumulation and stressed healing ability trigger hypersensitivity of the immune system. More and more allergies and auto-immune diseases have showed up in the past years. The new pattern of diseases such as the Five As (Asthma, Allergy, Autism, ADHD and autoimmune), as well as fatigue, insomnia, digestive, hormonal and emotional problems are the result of the toxins, malfunction of the immune system and stressed healing ability.

Because of its sensitive nature, the Highly Sensitive Body may experience a lot of difficulties in dealing with toxins and stresses. The physiological changes in the HSB include the following areas:

Sensitive to emotions: according to ancient Chinese medicine, emotions are processed through specific energetic pathways called meridians. A strong emotional impact can cause meridian blockage, which further leads to physiological problems. For an HSB, emotions have a deeper impact to the body and easily cause blockage of the meridian. Thus HSB may experience more energetic blockages and imbalance in their lives.

Sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies and radiation: HSB is easily overwhelmed by its surroundings. The stress is not only from people and events, but also from basic energetic frequencies and harmful energies around us. The over-usage of electronic equipments, computer, cell phone and TV creates stresses to the body greatly. Meanwhile underground radiation such as radon radiation also gives the body stresses. These electromagnetic frequency and radiation often cause switches in our energetic polarity system. Polarity switch is deadly for HSB because it creates a chaotic energy communications and makes the stress more damaging to the body.

Tendency to have malfunction of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal system: HSB is sensitive to many factors. Almost everything bothers them and triggers adrenal stresses. Long-term stresses cause malfunction of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal system, which is the cause for insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and depression and leads to hypersensitivity of the immune system. Adrenal malfunction is the major difficulty to gain back the healing ability.

Easy to develop and hard to manage allergy and sensitivities: HSB develops allergy and sensitivities easily. Those who have allergy and sensitivities often complain that the reaction does not happen every time they expose to certain substance. This is because HSB responds to allergens and stressors much deeper than non-HSB does. The outcome of allergy reaction is also more complicated. When the stressor stresses HSB the first time, the immune system remembers not only the stressor itself but also the time, event, body conditions and surroundings together with it. Next time when the exposure occurs, if everything else is different, no reaction will happen. We call these factors the combination factors. This type of immune memory is called stationary memory. For HSB, sensitivities are harder to detect and the combination factors are often required in desensitization process.

Tendency to develop energy conflicts inside the body: Most sensitivities that we are talking about here are not the typical “allergies” called by conventional western medicine, in which antibodies are shown. Our concept of allergies is the beginning stage of allergic reactions stemming from immune attacks on the energy level rather than on the biochemical level. During this beginning stage there are autoimmune responses, but there is no antibody production yet. If this condition is untreated for a period of time, antibodies can develop. By then the condition is deeper and harder to be treated. This beginning stage of “energy-level allergic reactions” can happen not only to food and environmental factors, but also to nutrients, enzymes, pathogens, hormones and neurotransmitters. This type of reactions lead to blockages of metabolic and detoxification pathways and in turn contribute to development of the chaotic stage of HSB.

Different responses to medication and therapies: HSB often responds to treatment differently from non-HSB. If the statistics shows that the therapy works for 80% of the population, the Highly Sensitive Body always belongs to the 20% who are not responding to the therapy or has bad reactions to it. Because of the sensitive nature, their treatment has to be very individualized, such as low dose, with precision and perfect in timing. Otherwise their response would be either not optimal or adverse. HSB’s condition also changes frequently. Thus the treatment protocol has to follow the change all the time.

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