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the autist as a spiritual artist

Artists/Autist minds I just came across this very insightful blog entry: Transforming the Obligatory into the Desirable: Autism & Shamanism (Perceptual Warfare 18) By jasunhorusly January 15, 2013  which is helping me solidify some of my thoughts on sensory intelligence. It echoes some of the thoughts I expressed in a presentation I recently made at work: … Continue reading

Becoming mindful of our children’s hypersensitive senses

As a child, I developed very negative coping strategies for our sensory and emotional sensitivities. But as adults, I am beginning to grasp the importance of becoming sense aware and learning to listen differently. I remember this episode with my mom. We were on vacation and I had to go to camp. I did not … Continue reading

Why We Need Highly Sensitive People Now (via hsphealth.com)

Why We Need Highly Sensitive People Now by Maria   Thinker on a Rock, 1997 cast bronze by Barry Flanagan, British, born 1941 © by cliff1066™ Why do we need highly sensitive people now? Why do we have a renewed interest and dare I say respect for the sensitives of the world? Conditions Are Everything … Continue reading