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Reblogged: Highly sensitive people: a condition rarely understood

Excerpt from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/wellbeing/health-advice/highly-sensitive-people/ Are your own feelings easily bruised and do you worry endlessly about hurting other people’s? Do you well up when watching charity adverts for illness or animal cruelty, dislike scary films or feel bothered by loud or irritating noises (think music coming from somebody’s earphones) in a way that those around you … Continue reading

The highly sensitive family, how to thive in a toxic world

Sabbatical Report, Alexandra Bal It has been a while since I have written anything in this blog. This is in big part due to the fact that I have been on sabbatical, withdrawing from daily activities to focus on my research. Ahead of the sabbatical, I conducted the first round of interviews for the SHHRC … Continue reading

HSP and Stress

The article ‘Orchid children’ bloom, wither in response to surroundings, explains how, according to Doctor Ellis, Highly Sensitive Children, or Orchid children, are different  in that are predisposed to be more susceptible to their environments. While this may seem to be a disadvantage, many are starting to understand that these sensitivities mean that these children … Continue reading

Becoming Mindful of Sensitives Senses

As children, my husband and I developed very negative coping strategies for our sensitivities. But as adults, we are beginning to grasp the importance of becoming sense aware and learning to listen differently. I remember this episode with my mom. We were on vacation and I had to go to camp. I did not want … Continue reading

Highly Sentive People (HSP)?

I found this presentation: Health, Healthcare, & the Highly Sensitive Person: Issues & Solutions – for patients, families, & providers by Gail Ruth, RN MSN, which does an awesome job at explaining HSPs and their main issues when encountering the health system. The following notes summarize and work from the material found in the presentation: A … Continue reading

repressed emotions « Hope and Healing with Elaine

Words and Songs of Comfort and Encouragement for Survivors of a Narcissistic Parent and For All Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) Read more via repressed emotions « Hope and Healing with Elaine.

HS Children and learning

HSPs learn differently. They learn through their senses/bodies/spirit. In that sense they are like visual-spatial learners who, according to Linda K. Silverman and Jeffrey N. Freed:”  learn holistically rather than in a step-by-step fashion.” While these authors see visual sensing as primordial, in the HSP context, all senses play an important role in learning.  HSPs  … Continue reading