Highly Sensitive Family Diary

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After a few weeks in Nicaragua

Our sensorial life here is very different, our bodies are receiving constant high levels of stimulations. And one of the most important organ which gets much more stimulated is the skin. For instance, as I sit writing this, the sun from the window is heating up my skin, the wind is also touching my skin … Continue reading

Things that increase sensitivities

Sensitivities are difficult to deal with in that, unlike full blown allergies, they mutate constantly. There are different kinds of sensitivities which are triggered by very different things. Summary of triggers (non exhaustive) If we do not listen to the signs (swelling, rashes, behavioral shifts, mood swigs, “abnormal” weight, etc) children do not learn to … Continue reading

The difficulty with sensory integration issues is that they take many different form?

Sensory integration issues affect many children for different reasons. Often people assume that SI are disabilities when really they are extraordinary abilities.  It is important to understand that an autistic/adhd/gifted child each have different needs but all have sensory issues. One thing that I am becoming very aare of is that SI issues change as … Continue reading

Medicine for sensitive people: The need to re-educate ourselves

Since the birth of my kids, my husband and my pediatrician have numerous times put into question my use of alternate medicine to treat my sensitive children. But 8 years into the lives of my children, both have learned to respect that choice. While both still indicate they do not understand how such treatments could … Continue reading

My starting point: these abilities are not disabilities

I am a highly sensitive person. I discovered this through living with my two boys who, of course, are also highly sensitive. As a family we have had to relearn how to live in order to keep these children sane. Over the last 8 years I feel I have learned to rebuild our lives with … Continue reading

random thought

Singularity will not simply affect our ability to understand machines life but also our own. As technological children are embracing via digital media complexity as a thinking framework, they are already creating new thinking patterns which are slowly becoming inaccessible to adults. Unless adults learn to listen differently, a true chasm risks to be created.

HSP and Human Evolution

Playing Spores with the kids is making me think a lot about evolution and what the next phase of human evolution would be like. what traits would humans need to explore space? Seems to me that people who are tagged as having sensory disorders or as highly sensitive people would actually have very big advantage. … Continue reading