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Highly Sensitive Newsletter | thehighlysensitiveperson.com

VIA thehighlysensitiveperson.com We publish a quarterly e-mail newsletter called Thoughts for the Thoughtful. The goal of this publication is to provide inspiration and information to Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Feel free to contact us with any feedback you have on the newsletter. We’d love to hear from you! Important Announcement: Due to time and budget constraints, … Continue reading

The Sensitive | Highly Sensitive Person | Highly Gifted Person

From : The Sensitive | Highly Sensitive Person | Highly Gifted Person | Consulting for Sensitives | Highly Sensitive Soul | HSP | Authentic Life | Architecture of Meaning. The Sensitive You have always known you ‘marched to the beat of a different drummer’. You are aware that you tend to ‘think outside of the … Continue reading

Recent Reflections | Architecture of Meaning

Via Recent Reflections | Architecture of Meaning. As a creative, you may despair of ever being understood. At times of internal overwhelm or despair, the inspired soul can feel bound by the lens of the unimagined. The journey to meaningful engagement involves permission to dwell in possibilities that exist outside the culture’s realm of comprehension. … Continue reading

Healing Highly Sensitive Body

From: Healing Highly Sensitive Body. Home of the Individualized Body-Mind Therapy (IBMT), a holistic healing program developed by Harry Hong Ph.D. L.Ac for the Highly Sensitive Person with Highly Sensitive Body. Dr. Hong was trained in China as a traditional Chinese medical doctor and later in the States a conventional medical researcher. He combined biomedical … Continue reading