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Is depression in parents, grandparents linked to grandchildren’s depression?

Reblogged from: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/08/160810113654.htm Date:August 10, 2016 Source:The JAMA Network Journals Summary:Having both parents and grandparents with major depressive disorder (MDD) was associated with higher risk of MDD for grandchildren, which could help identify those who may benefit from early intervention, according to a study. read the entire story at: : https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/08/160810113654.htm

Vitamin D may increase IVF success – for some people – 05 September 2012 – New Scientist

Read more: Click here to read a longer version of this story A WOMAN’S genetic heritage may determine whether vitamin D helps her to conceive through IVF. The sunshine vitamin is known for its benefit to bone health, but it may also play a role in conception. In 2010, a study of mainly white women … Continue reading

Epigenetics – How Grandma’s Health Affects Your Child’s

Reblog of article: Epigenetics – How Grandma’s Health Affects Your Child’s Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance — or epigenetics, for short — doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Yet this idea that environmental factors (such as diet, lifestyle choices and behaviors, and stress) can change the health not only of the people who are exposed to them, … Continue reading

The Science of Success – Magazine – The Atlantic

Genetics December 2009 ATLANTIC MAGAZINE The Science of Success Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere. A few of us, however, are more like the orchid: fragile and fickle, but capable of blooming spectacularly if given greenhouse care. So holds a provocative … Continue reading