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Part 4: Intensity as a pathway to personal change

Making sense of environmental toxics The denaturalization our environments has serious consequences to our entire body, mind and spirituality which originally formed out of our communion with nature. Adding sensorial settings to the realm of influence, it becomes evident that environments can be very toxic to humans.  Why wouldn’t our young be influenced by changes in … Continue reading

Part 3:Attention diet: space, technology and people as sensory overload

Attention diet: space, technology and people as sensory overload In The Globe and Mail article ” Why is walking in the woods so good for you?”, Alex Hutchinson explores the results from a study, which will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders, found that volunteers suffering from depression who took … Continue reading

Part 2: Toxic Environments

Environmental pollution as an assault on the senses It has been know for along time that our environments influence us. Leanne Rivlin theorized that the environmental cognition involved in human cognition plays a crucial role in environmental perception.  As early as 1947, Roger Barker who created the field of ecological psychology demonstrated that social settings … Continue reading

Part 1: Multi Sensory Intelligence

These sensory abilities are not disabilities Current research is starting to understand that many “disabilities” are special abilities or different ways of perceiving the world, not defects. Finally, an approach that helps to reduce the labeling of children which is often damaging to their self-esteem, and instead work on developing their gifts. It is clear that … Continue reading

Making Sense of a Toxic Life

As the first part of our experiment in Nicaragua is coming to an end, I am noticing many changes in us. The boys are much calmer these days. We have come very far the three of us. This experience is by far the hardest we are going through together but also the most rewarding, we … Continue reading

Food Addiction, Food Allergy and Overweight

Food Addiction, Food Allergy and Overweight (Reblogged) By Sephen Levine, Ph. D. Have you ever eaten something – a bowl of ice cream, a piece of cheese, an orange – and felt hungrier than before? Do you have urges for a particular food and find it hard to satisfy your craving unless you eat that … Continue reading

Detoxification for Weight Loss | Natural Detox Diet and Cleansing | Total Wellness Cleanse

Detoxification for weight loss is easier than you may think. Detoxing and weight loss go hand-in-hand. So does being toxic and storing fat. Detoxification for weight loss will require you to remove toxins from your body with a proper diet and exercise so you can keep weight off for good. When you regularly eat toxic … Continue reading

Healthy Superfoods – Recipes for 7 Healthy Superfoods – The Daily Green

7 Superfoods to Eat for a Health Boost   via Healthy Superfoods – Recipes for 7 Healthy Superfoods – The Daily Green.


Article from : Herb2000.com: Nosebleed Any physical trauma or injury can lead to the quick and sudden flow of blood from the nose, often called a nosebleed. The situation comes around fairly easily because the blood supply to the mucous membranes lining the nasal passages on the inside are rather abundant and this area is … Continue reading

Gluten-Free Recipes from Living Without Magazine

Gluten-Free Recipes from Living Without Magazine.