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Lemony Snicket, MTV help explain Occupy Wall Street to kids – BlogPost – The Washington Post

Lemony Snicket, MTV help explain Occupy Wall Street to kidsBy Elizabeth FlockLemony Snicket, the unlucky narrator of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and pen name for the real-life Daniel Handler, has posted 13 of his observations on Occupy Wall Street for kids. Snicket posted them on the Web site Occupy Writers, which launched last week … Continue reading

Living Consciously Vs Reactionary Living

Living Consciously Vs Reactionary Living by Amit Sodha on July 14, 2011 When you live in a busy city, things tend to happen very fast. Whether you cause them to happen, or whether they happen to you, either way, time becomes a precious commodity. Because there is always so much going on along with the … Continue reading

Things that increase sensitivities

Sensitivities are difficult to deal with in that, unlike full blown allergies, they mutate constantly. There are different kinds of sensitivities which are triggered by very different things. Summary of triggers (non exhaustive) If we do not listen to the signs (swelling, rashes, behavioral shifts, mood swigs, “abnormal” weight, etc) children do not learn to … Continue reading

HSP and Human Evolution

Playing Spores with the kids is making me think a lot about evolution and what the next phase of human evolution would be like. what traits would humans need to explore space? Seems to me that people who are tagged as having sensory disorders or as highly sensitive people would actually have very big advantage. … Continue reading

21st Century Learning

If we do learn to listen, problem solving approaches do mean that the students do the work, what ever communication and information system is their native space. We need to accept the tools and in time we will too learn how to operate within these spaces….

21st Century Pedagogy

DNA of teaching needs to change…

Learning to change, changing to learn

I have to say that this term is really showing me how much we as teachers need to change.I have completely changed my teaching approach and find that the students are very responsive. The shift for me has been to figure out how to encourage their voice to come out.  I have to say that … Continue reading