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Ishtar’s Gate: Our Mission Statement

Reblogged from: http://www.ishtarsgate.com/forum/showthread.php?2077-Our-Mission-Statement It’s been clear to many of us for some time that the story we’ve been given about who we are and where we come from is just a finely honed narrative which doesn’t actually tally with the evidence of our own experience. Through Darwinism, we were taught that intelligence, along with its … Continue reading

Coronary Capitalism

Wow, the layers of desillusion our generation is facing are just rising. we really live in a time when people must educate themselves in order to be able to take care of themselves. Free markets have replaced states and instead of respecting human rights they devalue and abuse human and other  life beyond belief. As … Continue reading

Ryan Drum, PhD/Island Herbs

Ryan DrumRyan Drum, PhD has a BSc in Chemical Technology and a PhD in Botany (Phycology) from Iowa State University. While a NATO Scholar, he did postdoctoral studies on Cell Biology using the Electron Microscope and Microcine at the Universities of Bonn, Germany and Leeds, England. For 10 years he taught Botany and related subjects … Continue reading

Peace and Projects —

Reblogged of article: You Have Two Choices: Enjoy, or Make it Enjoyable There are two really good ways to approach everything we need to do: Enjoy it – or make it enjoyable. I was thinking about this while recalling a Zen Habits article where Leo wrote, “Enjoy the process.” That’s something I often forget, but … Continue reading

Focus ebook» table of contents

» table of contents  for focus.   focus : s table of contents i. step back introduction the age of distraction the importance of finding focus the beauty of disconnection focus rituals ii. clear distractions limiting the stream you don’t need to respond let go of the need to stay updated how not to live … Continue reading

Habits That Make A Lot Of Zense

reblog of article: Habits That Make A Lot Of Zense. by Amit Sodha on November 15, 2011 in Personal Growth Habits add up to give us the results of our day to day lives. The continuation of old habits can only lead to the same results over and over. Unless you find a way to … Continue reading

About Us | The Urban Farming Guys

Who are we….. We are the urban experiment… We are the seed that died and went into the ground. We are about 20 families who have purposefully uprooted from out of our comfortable suburban homes and moved into one of the worst neighborhoods in Kansas City. We each bought homes within a 5 block radius … Continue reading

Living Consciously Vs Reactionary Living

Living Consciously Vs Reactionary Living by Amit Sodha on July 14, 2011 When you live in a busy city, things tend to happen very fast. Whether you cause them to happen, or whether they happen to you, either way, time becomes a precious commodity. Because there is always so much going on along with the … Continue reading

» Tired of Being Tired :zenhabits

How to Get Started When You’re Too Tired to Start My first suggestion is to take a nap. If you’re too tired to take other steps, taking a nap is easy. If you can’t take a nap, at the very least disconnect from digital devices. Computers and smartphones are powerful tools, but being on them … Continue reading

» How I Changed My Life, In Four Lines :zenhabits

The Nutshell Principles So what are the principles that changed my life, repeatedly? If you read the brief stories above, you already know: 1. Start very small. 2. Do only one change at a time. 3. Be present and enjoy the activity (don’t focus on results). 4. Be grateful for every step you take. In … Continue reading