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Yarrow Flower Essence helps sensitive people reset their psychic filters.

Reblogged from: Remedy of the Day: Yarrow Flower Essence. Yarrow Flower Essence   OK, don’t laugh because I said psychic filters. This is both real and serious. I read about this remedy a few years ago in The Sensitive Person’s Guide Survival Guide by Kyra Mesich, Psy.D.. This was the third book I read in … Continue reading

Islamic Dietary Laws: Benefits of Honey

Article from: Islamic Dietary Laws: Benefits of Honey. Honey is abluent and an aperient. It contains detergent and tonic properties that cleanse the arteries and bowels of impurities. It opens obstructions of the liver, kidney and bladder. It is also a general preservative, and it helps to preserve the potency of salves among other natural … Continue reading

Oils For Wellness: Essential Oils For Safe Insect Repellents

Sunday, May 10, 2009 Essential Oils For Safe Insect Repellents: Essential Oils For Things that Bug You Around the House by David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A.  via Oils For Wellness: Essential Oils For Safe Insect Repellents. Among the many chemicals in our industrial environment that get into our systems and make us sick are the pesticides … Continue reading

Tea & Tea Remedies – The Captains Lady

Tea & Tea Remedies – The Captains Lady.

Home Remedies for Gastric and Intestinal Worms

The human digestive system – especially the stomach and the intestines – is a host to a large number of parasitic worms such as hookworms, roundworms, flatworms, etc. Most of these parasites are essential to the digestive process, and hence are beneficial to the body. But sometimes, these parasites can produce several problems also, such … Continue reading

Epsom Salt Baths Calms the Mind and Detoxifies the Body

Epsom Salt Baths Calms the Mind and Detoxifies the Body last updated on 27 July 2010 by Samantha What it does: Softens skin, reduces inflammation, swelling, and dries out oily skin. You can find it in most supermarkets and pharmacies, and best of all its super cheap. You can also find it at gardening supplies … Continue reading

What is Candidiasis, yeast, Candida Albicans?

CANDIDIASIS – What is this? (Reblogged) Candida/yeast/fungi fatigue How can a simple yeast cause so many problems? In fact, the Candida albicans yeast is present in varying amounts in all of us, living in our gastrointestinal tract. The problem is created when the yeast begins to grow beyond its normal bounds, which often happens because … Continue reading

Head Lice Home Remedies | Head Lice Center

Head Lice Home Remedies There are many head lice home remedies available that will help you get rid of head lice. Each different home remedy will eliminate either adult lice or lice eggs. There are many recipes available online, but getting rid of head lice using simple products like olive oil or vinegar is possible … Continue reading

Head Lice Nits Vinegar | Vinegar Lice Treatment | Head Lice Home Remedies

Head Lice Vinegar Treatment head-lice-vinegar Vinegar is commonly used to treat head lice, but is actually often misused, as many people think that it will remove both adult lice and head lice eggs. And people who sell commercial anti-lice products take advantage of this to say that home remedies such as head lice vinegar don’t … Continue reading

Natural approach to Allergies

First thing to do is a detox (herbal). If that does not help or in parallel these suggestions are awesome… Article from Natural approach to Allergies. For prevention: reduce stress, get plenty of rest, good nourishment and exercise. Drink two quarts of clean water daily and three quarts during allergy season. Your body releases histamine … Continue reading