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Toxic Parent- What is a toxic parent?

Toxic Parent- What is a toxic parent?. (Re-blogged) These articles have been written to encourage you to look more closely at your own style of parenting and to see where it evolves from. Toxic means poisonous, noxious, contaminated. The phrase toxic parent was coined to describe parents whose own negative behaviour grossly inflicts emotional damage … Continue reading

Toxic Parenting – WikiParenting

Reblogged: via Toxic Parenting – WikiParenting. Toxic Parenting This article has been written by our users, feel free to edit or expand this article. You may also write an article on a new subject. It is normal to sweat the small stuff as a parent, especially if you are a new parent. You might be … Continue reading

Toxic Parenting – Parenting Children with Depression

Reglogged from Toxic Parenting – Parenting Children with Depression. Toxic Parenting by Rebecca Rutledge, Ph.D. From the moment you are born, you get messages about who you are and how you should function in the world. Again, the bonds formed early with a child’s primary attachment figures have a tremendous influence on how she will … Continue reading