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Chemical Body Burden Home Page

Before we are even born, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals of all kinds begin building up in our bodies. This chemical “body burden” is the focus of the information you will find on this web site. The information on this site has been developed through the collaboration of health professionals, scientists, citizens groups and environmental … Continue reading

Just What’s Inside Those Breasts? : NPR

When writer Florence Williams was nursing her second child, she read a research study about toxins found in human breast milk. She decided to test her own breast milk and shipped a sample to a lab in Germany. What came back surprised her. Trace amounts of pesticides, dioxin and a jet fuel ingredient — as … Continue reading

Guide to Plastics

We live in a scary world.

Eight Steps to Purging Toxic Chemicals from Your Home | Healthy Child Healthy World

Eight Steps to Purging Toxic Chemicals from Your Home | Healthy Child Healthy World.

Liver toxicity (hepatoxicity) and essential oils.

Reblogged Article: via Liver toxicity (hepatoxicity) and essential oils.. Certain essential oils can cause liver toxicity (hepatoxicity) The liver is involved in a wide variety of actions and helps with carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, secretion of bile as well as the synthesis of proteins, yet most people perceive the liver as only a detoxification organ … Continue reading