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YOUR NATURAL SYSTEMS LEGACY: Identify and benefit from fifty-three natural attraction senses (Webstrings) you have learned to forget to remember

YOUR NATURAL SYSTEMS LEGACY: Identify and benefit from fifty-three natural attraction senses (Webstrings) you have learned to forget to remember.

From Reconnecting With Nature and Educating, Counseling and Healing With Natureby Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Between the years of 1961-1978, researcher Guy Murchie made an exhaustive inquiry. He painstakingly scrutinized scientific studies about natural senses, studies that appeared in many hundreds of books and periodicals during those 17 years.In 1986 Murchie told me that scientific methodology and research had identified over eighty different biological senses/sensitivities which pervade the natural world. He said he additionally verified this through authorities at the Harvard Biological Laboratories. All these senses, he said, he clumped together as 31 senses for literary convenience in his book The Seven Mysteries of Life published by Houghton Mifflin in 1978.

Murchie’s dedicated efforts deserve our applause, thanks and confidence.

From Murchie’s original collection, I identified 53 natural senses that my students and I had experienced during my 26 years living and teaching outdoors. I have listed them below. Each is an inherent natural attraction love, a strand in the web of life, a genetically rooted webstring that helps to hold the world together, including people, through universal natural attraction communications, guidance and motivations. Each is a consciousness of our personal love for our planet mother that is shared by all. A 54th sense, “natural attraction” has recently been added. All of them are the diversification of the original attraction, the Grand Unification Field of Higgs and Einstein that interconnects the Universe. 

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