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Sensory Room

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 A Sensory Room…
The Best Space To Create For Some Awesome Relaxation Or Stimulation. Let’s Start Building!

A sensory room is extremely therapeutic for both children and adults with sensory processing disorders… from mild to severe. In fact, anyone in the general population could benefit from spending time in one!

By the term “sensory room“, we are talking about a specific room, with specific sensory equipment and activities, to benefit specific sensory processing difficulties.

The room must be tailored to one’s specific sensory needs just the same as, for example, you purchase a mattress and/or pillow. Some people will prefer a firm mattress and firm pillow, some prefer a soft mattress and soft pillow, and some prefer a combination, soft mattress with a hard pillow or vice versa.


Although a sensory room will be tailored to address an individual’s unique needs, (and ideally would be set up with input from a knowledgeable professional such as an occupational therapist) there is also certain equipment which can have therapeutic sensory system effects on most anyone.

The reason for this is because it will become therapeutic depending on how, when, and why the equipment or activities are used. The professional guidance needs to come in regards to how, when, and why… it can then benefit anyone on opposite ends of the sensory processing continuum.


This article will tell you about equipment and activities that can be used for both hypo- and hyper- sensitivity, as well as specific suggestions for one end of the spectrum or the other.


(Yes, I admit, this is tricky… often children don’t neatly fall on one end or another, but fluctuate back and forth. Exactly! This is precisely the reason an OT can help you set up a room specific to you or your child’s needs.)


Remember, the point of a sensory room is to calm or stimulate an individual through each of the senses. Also keep in mind, when we are talking about sensory processing, we like to refer to the 7 or 8 senses instead of the usual 5, so be sure to include them all in your sensory room!

Click Here For Everything You Need To Build Your Own SPD Room




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