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The Top 10 List For Creating Healthy Kids | This Emotional Life

Reblogged excerpt from: The Top 10 List For Creating Healthy Kids | This Emotional Life.

This content is provided in conjunction with This Emotional Life’s Early Moments Matter initiative. Early Moments Matter is dedicated to making sure that every child has the best possible chance at emotional well-being. Find out how to receive the Early Moments Matter tool kit and provide one to a family in need.

Children are sponges. As cliché as it may sound, there isn’t a better visual metaphor. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and as a parent of two children, it is my opinion that today’s society is still in need of educating parents about the profound necessity for secure attachments between a parent and a child.

What many parents don’t realize, based on countless research and books, is that the kind of attachment between a parent and child will pave the way for how well that child will function as an adult in a relationship. Dr. Daniel Siegel, author and founder of the Mindsight Institute, breaks down the four types of attachments:

Securely attached – Emotionally available, perceptive, responsive

Insecure/Avoidantly attached – Emotionally unavailable, imperceptive, unresponsive and rejecting

Insecure/Anxious/Ambivalently attached – inconsistently available, perceptive and responsive, and intrusive

via The Top 10 List For Creating Healthy Kids | This Emotional Life.



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