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Gifted and Very Active Young Children | Creatingcurriculum’s Blog

Young gifted children, especially those who suffer from Psychomotor Overexcitability*, can be very active, always on the go and wanting to be constantly engaged in an activity. Many parents of young gifted children who are very active despair that their child won’t sit still at the dinner table, eagerly rush into things before they’ve heard all the instructions and never seem to get tired. Teachers often complain that these children fidget a lot, shout out in class and don’t seem to be listening (minds wander when not fully engaged). My own son, now 13 years old, is one of these children and as a youngster wanted to be physically involved in everything that was going on around him, leaving me no time for rest or relaxation and his teachers finding that he wouldn’t sit still. Many parents calling the UK’s National Association for Gifted Children’s information and advice service also struggle with this aspect of their child’s character and seek advice about the best way to handle it.

via Gifted and Very Active Young Children | Creatingcurriculum’s Blog.


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