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Highly Sensitive People and Social Anxiety – Highly Sensitive People are More at Risk of Social Anxiety

Reblogged article from Highly Sensitive People and Social Anxiety – Highly Sensitive People are More at Risk of Social Anxiety.

Misunderstood, Misinformed and Mistaken – The Highly Sensitive Person with Social Anxiety

Although there have been numerous studies on both social anxiety and sensitivity in people, during my research on the net and in several books I have yet to find any studies done on HSPs with social anxiety. However, there is no doubt in my mind, the HSP population ‘is’ replete with social anxiety sufferers due to our hyper-active nervous system which notices every little detail in our enviroment, even the unwanted stuff that most normal people would ignore.

From Potential Empath/Healer/Teacher to Potential Nobody

It’s sad to see so much potential go to waste. Thousands of highly sensitive people with such incredible potential; almost invisible, hidden away on the periphery of a world dominated by extroverts. I am grateful however, as a HSP, that there are highly sensitive people out there such as Elaine Aron, who are leading the way and allowing the world to see that there ‘is’ a place for the gentle HSP tribe. Slowly but surely, the world is beginning to understand highly sensitive people. There is a long way to go but we have taken the fundamental first steps towards acceptance and appreciation.

A Double Dose – High Sensitivity+Social Anxiety

I haven’t gone into great detail in this hub on highly sensitive people with social anxiety, but as you may have gleaned from the table above, HSPs are highly susceptible to social anxiety and PTSD. I am convinced that I myself, as a HSP previously suffered from severe social anxiety which has since steadily abated to mild social anxiety with the occasional panic-attack. My teens were fraught with painful and humiliatiing experiences as a result of my not only being a HSP but also having social phobia. I even began to repress my sensitivity as I’m sure many other HSPs have done in an effort to be ‘normal.’ The answer though, is not repression of our innate ‘gift’ but rather expression! If you are reading this and you are a highly sensitive person, then it means you are on a journey of discovery about your trait, your gift and that is why it is so great to be a HSP these days. The information on our trait abounds all over the internet and in countless books all over the world. We are finally being understood.If you feel you are a HSP and you have social anxiety then the best advice I can give to you is … STUDY! Yes, study everything you can get your hands on about HSPs, social anxiety, PTSD etc. The more understanding you gain, the more you begin to accept your trait and embrace the wonderful possibilities on offer for you.It’s good to be sensitive!

“A light, tender, sensitive touch is worth a ton of brawn.” – Peter Thomson

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