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ADhD, Overwhelmed

Processing Disorders: The Understimulated Brain

The book is called Fidget to Focus. I found it on the lending/ trading bookcase at my apartment building. I am not sure if it will alter the course of my life, but it has sure altered the course of my internet research over the past few days. One interesting term the authors use: underwhelmed. They note that much attention has been given, in recent years, to the overwhelmed neural system, to the phenomenon of experiencing the world — sensory stimuli in particular — as too intense. One reason for this faulty sensory processing may be over-connection in some areas of the brain; scientists have indeed been quite surprised to discover over-connection in the brains of people labeled autistic.But just as it’s possible to have a chronically overwhelmed neural system, it’s possible to have an underwhelmed one. This, too, can be caused by faulty processing. The authors of Fidget to Focus are among those who believe that a person needs an optimal level of stimuli to function normally (hence the name of the book).

via Processing Disorders: The Understimulated Brain.



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