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Best Fidget Toys for Sensory Input

Fidget Toys can provide the deep pressure your child seeks

The term proprioceptive may not be one you are familiar with, unless you are in medicine or have a child with a disability, such as sensory processing disorder. Proprioceptive refers to the information your body receives about body position and movement. Children lacking proper proprioceptive responses to their environment are often unfortunately labeled as lazy or trouble-makers.

Depending on whether they are sensory seeker or avoiders, the child may appear to be clumsy, very rough, may have poor posture, may talk loudly and have other problems. These children may give up on playing sports because they can’t get their body to do what they want, or they may be kicked off teams for playing too rough. This all has to do with your body’s understanding of how to move and it’s spatial position.

Proprioceptive seekers are often very disruptive in class. A weighted lap pad, vest, belt, or shoulder wrap may help by providing extra weight to their joints, thus giving their body the deep pressure that they seek. Squeezing a hand exercise ball can also help. Ask your child’s teacher to give your child heavy work, like moving the chairs for story time and cleaning up boxes of toys. Doing these tasks with a weighted vest or belt is especially good work! Using proprioceptive fidgets can also help a child who avoids movement by training their muscle how to move.

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