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Lovely metaphor, fire and ice as the tension between two committed individual…

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Just as individuals experience a painful struggle between opposites in their journey to individuation, so does every dynamic, growing relationship between two individuals contain a certain amount of stress and tension.  By its very nature, the essence of “two-ness” is conflict.  Whenever the perfect isolation and solitude of a single soul is disturbed or influenced by the presence of another, there is bound to be tension.  This is a given in every relationship.

While this might seem to be a negative thing, the tension between the opposites is actually our promise for the emergence of the “spiritual” Couple within.  We need to accept the inevitability, indeed the desirability of tension in relationships because without it, creative growth and change cannot occur.  The image of an ideal, stress-free partnership is an unrealistic fantasy;  we should be careful not to become too attached to it.

Given that every relationship has a certain…

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