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Lovely idea: “A fascinating picture thus emerges, reminiscent of the “golden age” common to many mythologies: of a latent human capacity for co-operative, peaceful behaviour which could be intrinsically linked with greatly enhanced abilities of understanding,
perception and creative thinking. Unlocking these in all of us is a tantalising prospect…”


This is an interesting new theory about the problems of insanity which affect the human species (much more than any other). These theories about the loss to our endocrine system forced on us by different living conditions chime in with my own experience. The more aware I become, the more I seek out rich and varied organically-grown fruit and vegetables to eat, and the more I feel my body and my intelligence responding.

The researchers talk about the time when we “lost our optimum ‘design conditions’, resulting in a net loss of critically important abilities – notably for harmonious coexistence with each other and our planet.” This was 200,000 years ago …

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