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Detox, my.Diary Entries

A new sensory awareness of the city

I am back in town for a week. Being back in the city is revealing to be a very interesting sensory experience. having been  away for six months, I guess my body and senses have gone through a detoxification which has been much more cleansing than I thought.
The first thing that I noticed when I go back was how different the smells,colors and sounds are. Water has no taste nor smell here, compared to the river water or ocean water which constantly smells of earth, fish etc… Sounds here are also very different. While I can here birds, there is no sound of wind which makes the city feel somehow empty. all buildings are grayish in color and there are no bright colors in the city.
The neutral tones of the buildings makes the city  feel very “still” somehow. but now a peaceful stillness, more like a visually inanimate still. Life is not very present in the city in the objects we have constructed…. People don’t stand still on their porches here. And chicken wear diapers ( a friend was mentioning how it is possible to get diapers for chicken to be able to have them.  Apartments).
The second night in the city, my body went through this strange electrical storm. I could feel all kinds of different currents in my body, clearly some sort of energy rearrangement of some sort.
In terms of food, I can feel the chemicals on fruits. I bought apples and given the kids are not with me I decided to get non organic… Mistake.. The chemicals in them make my lips tingle after I eat one….
The biggest surprise was my sense of smell. I went to the mall and within minutes my nose actually hurt. Inside, the membranes felt like they were burning and as if ideas about to have a nose bleed….
These are all rather nasty sensations.
Wow… No wonder i feel overwhelmed in the city. These sensory inputs are extremely unpleasant. I can’t even imaging how strongly these sensations would affect a sensitive child…… Given how strongly they affect me.
And none of is take into consideration social life….  But so far, most people I have encountered are showing signs of stress… I clearly have learned to block some of their input as I am sensing people less. Thank god…
I can’t wait to get back to Nicaragua…. Feels much better over there…


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