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News: Some Kids with Autism May Suffer from Cyber Addiction | Healing Thresholds

reblogged: News: Some Kids with Autism May Suffer from Cyber Addiction | Healing Thresholds.

News: Some Kids with Autism May Suffer from Cyber Addiction

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012 – 10:00

iPads and video interaction has provided a means for children with autism to communicate; it may also have provided addictive behavior. Christopher Mulligan founded Groupworks West, which provides assistance when people with autism show a susceptibility to addiction to the Internet and video stimulation. He has found parents who used the technology because it helped their kids communicate, but found it also lessens their social interaction with other people. Mulligan explained one reason for increased dependence on technology, “One of the first things cut were all recreational services including summer camp. They had horseback riding, swimming – wonderful services – and cutting summer camp funding really added a lot of stress to parents. Almost all of the families I help are families where both parents are working.” The kids’ only means of stimulation and interaction are through the Internet.

Read original article: Autistic Teens and Children Struggle with Cyber Addiction

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