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Ishtar’s Gate: Our Mission Statement

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It’s been clear to many of us for some time that the story we’ve been given about who we are and where we come from is just a finely honed narrative which doesn’t actually tally with the evidence of our own experience. Through Darwinism, we were taught that intelligence, along with its attendant appreciation of the aesthetic and the divine, evolves over time ~ the subtext of which is that our earliest ancestors must have been grunting, monosyllabic cave men and we ourselves the pinnacle of cognitive achievement. However, it cannot escape notice that human beings, hundreds of thousands of years ago, managed to live sustainably on the Earth and pass on to us a pristine, lush and fertile environment in which to thrive. This is something we haven’t yet managed to achieve for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. We now realise that not only did our ancestors exist at a much earlier time than we originally thought, but also that they were extremely intelligent and in touch with a greater and deeper spiritual reality than the limited viewpoint that we are left with today. There is evidence that the ancients were living in organised communities and making fire and tools for hundreds of thousands of years before they was supposed to have been – according to the established orthodox viewpoint which dictates consensual reality. And it is inconceivable that they didn’t sail the oceans, given the easily discernible breadcrumb trails of archaeological artifacts, cave paintings, temples aligned with the stars, musical instruments, songlines and leylines, genes, myths, languages and spiritual and ritual burial practises across the Earth. However, “Because we have separated humanity from nature, subject from object, values from analysis, knowledge from myth, and universities from the universe, it is enormously difficult for anyone but a poet or a mystic to understand what is going on in the holistic and mythopoetic thought of Ice Age humanity. The very language we use to discuss the past speaks of tools, hunters, and men, when every statue and painting we discover cries out to us that this Ice Age humanity was a culture of art, the love of animals, and women.” The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture, by William Irwin Thompson Mission statement It is our view that until we understand our integral part in all that has been and all that will be, we will continually act from a place of greed, hatred and delusion, thereby continuing to destroy our world. It is our view that as we understand our integral part in all that has been and all that will be, we will continue to act from a place of grace, love and clear perception, thereby continuing the everyday joy of just being alive. In effect, Ishtar’s Gate acts as a portal to self-discovery through ancient wisdom teachings and research on our earliest ancestors, and then supports us in applying what we have realised into finding a way to live together in harmony and abundance in the present day. The minds that have come together here are not frightened to think ‘outside of the box’, and they’re comfortable to share their ideas freely because they know we protect them from disinformation agents who use underhand methods to disrupt the peace on forums, and to derail threads which sail too close to the truth. Nobody on here gets banned for attacking an idea. They do get banned for attacking the person. We are archaeologists, scientists, mythologists, geneticists, designers, philosophers, astronomers, magicians, lawyers and shamans. We are also skateboarders, garbage men, rappers, bus drivers, beauticians, musicians of all flavours, gardeners, ranch hands, bards, equestrians, dropouts, dharma bums, fishing bums, teen aged delinquents, middle aged delinquents, senile delinquents, house wives and house husbands, and everyone who struggles to make it at the end of the month, and all of you who may have the misperception that you are “plain and ordinary” but in fact are extra ordinary. Just to name a few of many. We have questioned all that we have learned and are willing to explore all roads to find the truth. This place is our sounding board … and we’re flash dancing across, beyond and through the traditional academic ‘silos’ streams of specialised research to bring together a fusion of ideas, experiences and theories which is contributing to the new zeitgeist. So welcome to the Gate! Last edited by Ishtar; January 9th, 2012 at 01:26 PM.

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