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ADhD, Autism, Toxicity

ADD, ADHD and Autism


by Amanda [Healthlineonline] Digest Number 645

Autism is a neurologically based developmental disorder that generally affects children before the age of 3. Some researchers believe autism may be caused by environmental factors such as exposure to mercury from MMR and other childhood vaccinations. Research has also found the disorder is linked to the exposure of mercury from the silver dental amalgam fillings that the children’s mothers had during pregnancy and/or the combination of both. Mercury affects the Central Nervous system among many other areas Autism is a disorder that profoundly affects the central nervous system among many other areas.

According to Bernie Windham, Toxin and Enviornmental Chemical Engineer, “Mercury has an effect on the fetal nervous system at levels far below that considered toxic in adults, and background levels of mercury in mothers correlate significantly with the incidence of birth defects and still births.”

Research has also shown that by detoxifying the brain and body of these heavy metals that go through our bloodstream and bind to our organs, cells, muscles etc… has helped a high percentage of children previously diagnosed with Autism.

According to Dr. Stephanie Cave in her book titled “What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations”, “The biggest improvement comes when the toxic metals are removed from the children’s bodies. We have seen nearly complete recovery in many of the two to seven year old children.”

via ADD, ADHD and Autism.


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