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Which poison will change your life?

I wonder how many people do not know that they have multiple chemicals sensitivities…


Today, I came across the book Which Poison Will Change Your Life by Glenna Chance. She’s an illness activist who has written this book seeking to reverse society’s toxic trends.

Due to an illegal pesticide application in 1988, Chance was poisoned. At the time she was pursing a career in music; the life-changing diagnosis of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sent her in a new direction where she has had to deal with the physical implications and lack of legal parity that often accompany MCS disability. She has worked hard to bring attention to the disease and support those who suffer with it.

From the PR website:

“The book introduces and explains the author’s own illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and related “invisible illnesses” which include Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autoimmune Disease among others. Comprehensively addressing government involvement in these illnesses and the problems they create, Which Poison Will Change Your Life

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