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Gifted & Creative Services Australia

Articles and Handouts

Gifted and Creative Services Australia offers the following articles and handouts, generally in Word format. They are listed in alphabetical order together with four codes also indicating the broad relevant groupings:

P ~ aimed at parents, C ~ related to children, V ~ visual spatial learners, A ~ related to adults

Diagram of the Psychology of the Gifted P A

Educational Strategies for Visual Spatial Learners V

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children C A

Gifted and Vague C A

Gifted Children – Emotional Immaturity or Emotional Sensitivity C A

Gifted Early Childhood Resource Sheet P

The Gifted Introvert C A

Gifted Visual Spatial Learner Checklist V

Introversion – Extraversion Checklist P A

I Think in Pictures – The Visual Spatial Learner V

The Joy of Visual Spatial Learning V

Overexcitabilities in Gifted Children P C A

Over-Excitability Checklist P A

Parenting Emotionally Intense Gifted Children P

Physical Sensitivities Checklist P A

The Power of Visual Thinking V

Preschool Characteristics of Giftedness Checklist P

The Psycho-social Needs of Gifted Children C

Support Strategies for Physical Sensitivity P A

Underachievement in Gifted Students P A

Visual Spatial Learner Resource Sheet V

Visual Spatial Learners – Strengths Weaknesses V

via Gifted & Creative Services Australia.



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