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Guided Children Meditation – Easy Guided Meditation For Kids

Guided Children Meditation

When it comes to guided children meditation, simple techniques that are fun and easy to use are an absolute must!

These comprehensive resources include links to easy meditation instructions, guided audio meditations for children, and some charming written meditation scripts as well.

Guided Meditation Audio Downloads For Children

Plenty of new content coming soon. Stay tuned.

Guided Meditation Scripts For Children

Children have such vivid imaginations, as as a result they respond really well to the use of guided imagery during meditation sessions.

By introducing guided imagery into the meditation experience, guided meditation for children can be a little like an interactive bedtime story, but with the added benefit that you will be teaching your kids important relaxation techniques.

Meditation With Susan Kramer M.A, M.Div

We highly recommend Susan Kramer’s guided meditation scripts for children.

Susan Kramer’s guided meditation scripts all draw upon the power of guided imagery to help your kids become calm and happy. On her website you’ll find short scripts that you can use with children when they are sitting, lying down and walking too.

Inner Health Studio

Inner Health Studio also offers a very nice relaxation script for children. This script is a little longer than Susan Kramer’s, but certainly not so long that your kids will become distracted or bored. Highly recommended!

Leave Guided Children Meditation and explore other online guided meditations

Guided imagery is essential to children’s meditations.

Click here for more insight and some free exercises.

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Free guided meditation download

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