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Monty Roberts Listens to Horses

Systems of education and training and work based on coercion persist because people don’t know any alternative that will get the job done, and they can’t imagine that any alternative could possibly be more cost effective. Kindness, gentleness, patience — all are fine ideas, in principle — but patience takes time, even when it works, and time is money. Right?

One of the clearest voices urging us to give up coercion and begin respecting people (and animals!) as individuals responsible for their own choices and their own learning, Marty Roberts shows how it’s done. You can’t teach anyone anything — but you can invite them to learn with you, and set up conditions to help them do so.

If you whip a horse during a race, it slows down. You can’t afford cruelty, even if all you care about is money. Without violence of any sort, Roberts can do more with a green horse in a half hour than a trainer using traditionally cruel methods can accomplish in a week. Of course, most people care about more than money, and would love to be able to replace coercive relationships with willing and joyful collaboration. Here’s a very good start towards learning how.

via Monty Roberts Listens to Horses.



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