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The Dreamer Propulsion Project

Lately, as readers of my blog might have noticed, I’ve been exploring the concept of the ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ (HSP). Like a lot of my research, I’ve been collecting more questions than I have answers.

I do know that I test very high on the self tests for this trait. I know that it is a ‘trait’ and not a disorder and diagnosis. I know that the person who started this movement/coined this term is a psychologist. I know that prior to her work, there were things like Carl Jungs theory of innate sensitiveness and Dabrowski`s Over-Excitabilities, and the concept of introversion. I know that there is a lot of disagreement over whether there is such a thing or whether it means anything at all. I know that since learning about this concept I have developed a way of perceiving myself and my mental/emotional health that is much more…

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