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There is this story creating itself in my head

There is this story creating itself in my head. It is about something I read somewhere, but I can’t recall where.  Another what if really, but this one is much more whimsical.

What if earth housed empathic families created not by genetic closeness but by empathic similarity that span across all species, who were linked by their abilities to read the same communication waves. What if these family members did not tap into these abilities consciously, but were connected via dreams where they moved and thought in unison. What if unified they could alter the course of history as dreams linked their thoughts to an underworld of spirits where a war was raging. What if the purpose of life was to reach a certain maturity in order to acquire the wisdom and sensorial experiences necessary to become aware of this power and to be capable of using this form in positive constructive ways. What if once able to tap into these waves, people could converse with one another in dreams and in life consciously and alter reality?

What is HSPs were the nexuses of these modes of communication? Designed to connect people and serve as natural amplifiers? Shaman in old times, sorcerers and witches wired to connect humans to the underworld, ancient druids, artists and healers who have become labeled as misfits or maladjusted in western societies.

What if our technological colonization was instigated by of the younger empathic family, which did not understand that domination and/or destruction of the others would mean its own demise.  What if the current telematic pollution created by our Information and communication technologies was making HSPs go insane, short-circuiting and disrupting their tele-pathways.   Becoming polluted from birth and forced in malad(justed) behaviors by high overloads of toxicity created by the young telepathic family wishing to destroy its elders. What if this family had managed to blur the sense of reality of people and manage to stop their abilities to dream as well as to desensitize them to the point where parents were no longer able to recognize the nature of their offspring nor connect to their children nor protect them from toxic harm. Letting authorities label sensitives as adhd, autistic and other tags associated with malad(justed) behaviors, and having no way to communicate their discomfort in a world that disregards their ways of being and refused to accepted them as real.   But what if these people were the guardians of human life and what if their destruction meant the end of human links to the universe?

What if capitalism was a test for the human species. A test in which humans needed to grow and connect to one another and dream in harmony in order to change the dominant destructive values of their world. What if the test was to result in either the elimination of ignorant and arrogant species or the acceptance of peaceful species join into a much broader cosmos made up of billions of species already dancing into the sweet tides of a universe that is only perceivable by individual’s highly attuned bodily senses and emotions?


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